Monday, 5 March 2012

Breathe Deep and Answer Me

There must be another way to dim this radiant source of solitude.

Her breath crashes into my ear.
I'm already awake.
There's something I feel I need to know.
I could rip myself in half right now.

Would I really have liked it if it had been warmer?
The wink?
The nudge?
The touch?
The holding eachother close until morning and then a bit longer?

I wonder what it would be like to know everything and to never be asked a single question.
Maybe I already am this way and have not learned to find my answers.
They're in an pool.
The pool looks deep.
The deep looks dark.

A list of fears:

"Think about the man you don't know.
You may have met him once and you hear so much about him,
but you don't know him.
Why do you wish you were him?"

I hope I don't.



Nutella Banana Sandwich

Lana Del Duck

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