Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lollipop (from 2007)

Late one night I was sucking on an Arcor BIG BIG strawberry flavoured lollipop. It was delicious, my life was perfect when the flavour sapped into my mouth and it's chemicals stimulated my taste buds and my brain produced pleasurable endomorphins. But something unexpected happened and ruined the moment.

The large spherical candy at the end of the stick popped off. The lollipop then lost all it's colour and warmth and became a nuissance. It almost choked me. The sugar never being able to leave my mouth made me very thirsty and made my teeth begin to ache. I found myself beginning to hate this heavenly desert. It made me have trouble speaking as it was stuck in my mouth. My jaw began to ache. I could not remove it as I had nowhere to put it, and I couldn't hold it or my fingers would have been all sticky and gummy. I considered throwing it out, but I had worked hard to earn this lollipop and decided it would be a waste to discard the two-faced demon. Instead I bit into it and ended the dreamy nightmare.


This is an exert of a small text I originally wrote one night in 2007 while I was reflecting on my education.  The full piece contains an explanation of the symbol as well as the concluding statement: "Education is an lollipop, make sure you pick the right one. And don't suck it too hard."


Caravan Palace

Snowballs by Harmony Korine
Pink Elephants on Parade exert from Dumbo

Schoon Images
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thought of desire. Thought of individuality.

Picture at all the things you want... now pretend they don't exist.  Feel better?  I don't.

The idea is to categorize nothing.  Interpret this and try it.


Arctic Monkeys

Raisin Oatmeal Crisp Cereal

Brendan Fitzpatrick
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Saturday, 25 February 2012


Good morning, sunshine!
Shining above us!

We, a legion of shadow beneath,
flattened to the earth,
gazing upwards with invisible eyes.

The eyeless see true beauty.
They may call out to it.

And when beauty itself holds them close,
no longer shal they suffer ugliness.
They will find that they are the key.


Written with Natasha Robitaille


My Chemical Romance
Neutral Milk Hotel

Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

Cream of Wheat

Tom Rintjema
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Ar Graff
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Patric Shaw
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kisses on her back

Early in the morning, my lips instinctively find their way to her.
Kisses on her back.
They trace either side of her spine and stay a while on her sharp hip.

My eyes are closed and she is asleep.
I want her to wake up so bad, but she doesn't.

I take the rose from the corner, it was a gift.

I disappear.


Foxy Shazam

The Lady is Dead

Sonja Hinrichsen
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Monday, 20 February 2012


A glimpse into a night of creation shows me black and red hands touching to see if they can feel through the paint.

I'd like to mention the desire to change forms entirely.  Everything from the shape of your body to the flow of your mind.  Wouldn't it be enough just to control your perspective?  Change from one to the other to the other to the other at will?  Temporary adaptability is sufficient to learn and grow.
Full transformation is simply badass.


Little Dragon

Try the Bicycle!

Hot Apple Sauce
Hot & Toasty

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Your flesh is soft.  He is addicted to your flavours.

A thick smoke makes a face in the air.

It mixes with the blue steam that rises from your body.

He hopes that, for now, only he can see it.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

"Now Delilah is alive but her skin is so cold
Her eyes are so vacant like tiny black stones
I try to remember the love that ones was
The love that once was was so hollow because I can't feel her"
-- from Dear Delilah by Bad Uncle


Bad Uncle

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Sin With Sebastian - Golden Boy