Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Favourite Eyes

I wish I could look directly into my favourite eyes,
but they're so beautiful I can barely stand.

The wrong was terrible,
yet you've generously given me the gift of pain.

I then carried the stone of regret for the longest of days and nights,
until I finally heard your call.

And despite the troubles,
you invited me back into your home.

Thank you, my love.


Paintings by Joseba Eskubi


Joseba Eskubi
 - Painting 1
 - Painting 2
 - Painting 3
 - Painting 4

Vermillion Lies

Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas by Terry Gilliam
What's Eating Gilbert Grape by Lasse Hallström
Benny & Joon by Jeremiah S. Chechik
A Nightmare on Elm Street by Wes Craven

Toasted raisin bread with margarine

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Some Kind of Family

...thinks of you.

...protects you.

...supports you.

...guides you.

...and none of your roads will be traveled alone.


Photos taken with Aurélie Gagnon and Corinne Gagnon



How I Met Your mother

Homemade Latté

Sunday, 8 April 2012


A sudden feeling of shock.
I laugh painfully at it.
There was so much hope for just a moment,
then it was ripped from me.
Tongue from mouth.
Candy from child, and all the teeth with it.

She kissed my lips.
I'm trembling in anguish just thinking about it.
What am I, a fool?

Dreams: empty.
Blank memories of stale new faces.

Thoughts: empty.
Just disbelief at her apology.

She held me down by the throat.
Pushed me into the cement and let it harden around my body.

Trapped and suffocating in a cage,
my heart just out of where my eyes reach,
"Please show it to me.
I can hear it beat and bleed."

She must have noticed all the names freshly scratched into it,
but let me show her that the deepest of carvings are the ones with her's.

Because of this I dread future and all that could be lost.
But there is love!
A love so strong and pure that I'll pretend to forget anything for it.


Dino Valls
 - Painting 1
 - Painting 2
 - Painting 3
 - Painting 4
 - Painting 5
 - Painting 6
 - Painting 7
 - Painting 8

Luminaris by Juan Pablo Zaramella

Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry
Lolita by Stanley Kubrick


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Did You Forget For A Reason?

"Don't tell me about this... when I wake up"
Strike the rising bells with a rose petal mallet.
You won't hear the full ring of the truth chimes.

"Don't tell me about this... when I wake up"
Squeeze the wooden blade with a soft hand.
The crease in your skin will vanish in the depth of your sleep.

"Don't tell me about this... when I wake up"
Collect the torn labels to read them out loud.
The story could be a dream or a nightmare.

"Don't tell me about this... when I wake up"
Swim through the foliage and find a stone face.
Once you get past the shock, it's not so bad, is it?