Sunday, 13 May 2012


....the distance... it was so... colossal!
Cold. Black. Empty. Fear.

A grain of sand... and a mountain range.
Sitting side by side.

A shot glass.  Catching every single drop of rain in a thunderstorm.

Take a measure of your own madness before and after having witnessed the well of infinity, -FROM WHICH!- the usual promise of the returning sound of a dropped coin or stone...
Is swallowed whole.

Stare helplessly into it and I promise that your eyes will remain suspended where they are for all eternity.
Your blinded body will be free to run and jump and climb and die with that lucid memory.


Paintings by Victor Castillo


Victor Castillo

The Colouring by Joseph Pelling

28 Days Later by Danny Boyle
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by George Lucas

Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few

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